Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reality Strikes Again!

They say in life, "You learn something new every day." I believe this quote was supposed to represent the brain as a sponge, soaking up useful information to make better choices.  Some how we still find ourselves making the same mistakes over and over again....I believe that is the definition of a fool?  So why is it so hard to make better choices? Take for example: A woman who falls for the same type of man and 10 years later she is still single and wondering why there are no good guys left in the world.  Yes, we are all guilty of this accusation but the harsh reality is, MAYBE IT'S US!! Maybe we should learn the things we DON'T want in a relationship, and then we can work on the things we DO want.  I am one to stand my ground and have no problem cutting ties with a man that I don't see fit in my life. However, I can still be fooled by a man, although I'm getting alot better at calling bull shit! Must be all the poker I've played ;)  It seems the older ones are the best at bull shit, they have had plenty of practice.  I have been dating since I was 16 and I'm exhausted- I have no time for games or fighting for a man's time.  I'm over the one night stands- well except for Vegas week ends ;)- and I will not be second best.  Ladies step ya game up- we run the world!

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