Monday, May 16, 2011

The truth behind sex-

Ok, this is going to be a little long.

Sex is three letter word but comes with so much meaning behind it. Sex can be emotional, only physical, meaningless, amazing, horrible, sympathy, payback, drunk...etc So I just want to talk about the types of sex most common, and most confused.

Let's say you had a fling with someone that was great and ended bad with the female being hurt. That hurt never fully healed and two years later is being charmed by that same person. When she sleeps with him, that is emotional sex. Because at one point she cared, and never stopped.

Now let's say because that guy upset her so she goes out with her girls and says she wants to find a guy to get her mind off him. She finds one, bangs him and that's it. That's considered get over him sex.

Now you still have feelings for this guy, and after all this you still let him hit it. What kind of sex is that considered? What kind of sex is that for the guy? It has to have some sort of meaning for him- there is too much history for it not to.

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