Wednesday, June 15, 2011


When I was growing up I always had an athletic body because I was an athlete.  Six pack abs, muscular arms and legs, and nice firm ass.  Back then I used to hate that I had small boobs and they were mostly muscle.  I remember even sitting in my room with my best friend complaining that I had no fat on my stomach to pinch.  Now that I'm older and don't work out 7 days a week, I have plenty of fat to pinch, my ass jiggles, and I only wish my pecks weren't near sagging.  I know that I'm not "fat" but I realize that my body is not a size zero.  In my line of work I have heard repeatedly that I need to "lose 10 pounds" and I need to "tone" up before I can play certain roles. 
I read an article in STAR magazine today that society has become so frantic over the female body and the idea that thin is in. In response, celebrities with eating disorders were outraged and told their story.  The stories consisted of eating disorders and the idea that society should not partake in this size zero facade.  Well, I call bullshit!  I am obsessed with my weight and my body and am constantly dieting to maintain a specific weight.  I have fat days and wear sweats and some weeks limit myself to only fruits and veggies and even then I am still ridiculed about my body.  I never had an issue with my body until Hollywood!  So to all these people writing that article- fuck you! You're probably a size zero yourself!  I am disgusted by the phony ass people who pretend like size doesn't matter! It does! It's constantly in our face and makes females so insecure about their bodies.  Including me.

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  1. Everybody is attracted to something different. A lot of chemistry is involved. If you ever go to a strip club, the voluptuous girls make just as much money as the thin girls. The assholes at the magazines that push this thin ideal of a the "perfect body" are a bunch of fags or bitter debutants who aren't even attracted to women. They hate them. I know. I used to work in that world. I've seen you body. It rocks!!!! You are gorgeous!!! It's more important that you are happy with you body. It doesn't matter what other people think.