Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Changing for you.

Why do females always find it necessary to change for a man? For example: A man doesn't like cigarettes so the female stops smoking, a guy likes blondes so the female dyes her hair, a guy likes big breasts so the female gets implants.  I don't ever recall a situation in my life where a man has been the one to change for a female.  Im not quite sure why this is, but I too am guilty of this.  Changing into a person I would never have guessed I would be, but there are also changes I believe have bettered me as a person.  All for a man. Not just any man, a man who won't change his ways in a million years.  So what does this mean?  Am I weak minded because instead of finding someone who loves me for me Ive become a person who has submitted to a man and his ways?  Or is it simply me growing up and learning to compromise to make a relationship work?

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  1. It's unfortunate. I've never made anyone I am with feel like they needed to change anything like that for me. I chose them as they were. Why would I want that to change. Unless of course they were doing something really damaging, drugs, heavy alcohol, unnecessary risks... But then I would make the choice to step away if that couldn't change.