Saturday, November 6, 2010

Celebrity Affairs

This is the one and only time I will waste time blogging or discussing my relationship both sexual and non with men, specifically celebs, in my personal life. I am a very private person and will never disclose that info unless it is absolutely necessary. So every interview I do, will not have that info. Any info stating other wise is simply false.

To clarify about the beef with Nick Hogan's girlfriend, I simply made a statement on Twitter that my driver resembled Nick Hogan. She tweeted me asking why I mentioned her boyfriend in my tweet. He responded by tweeting me to "please stop all of this." I had no idea as to who she was, nor did I make any sexual comments regarding Nick. She was out of line to tweet me and came at me disrespectfully first. I will say this: I didn't make up seeing Nick that previous Saturday, and she definitely was not there. He also NEVER mentioned at any point that night that he had a long term girlfriend, or girlfriend at all for that matter. She is dating a D-List celebrity whom gets some sort of attention from females, so she will have alot of enemies on Twitter if she continues to harass anyone who tweets him. She clearly has self-confidence issues and is very insecure!

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